• January 17, 2022

Focus on Relationships to Get Customer

Though you want to start making sales quickly, a key part of reaching your target customers is having the patience to allow your marketing to work.

“The biggest mistake I see businesses make is … they don’t give something enough time to work,” said Myers. “Marketing is like using a personal trainer … You’re not going to see results overnight.”

Your marketing plan should include a timeline, allowing each strategy enough time to succeed or fail before you move on to the next step. This includes being realistic about the time of year and how seasonal changes will affect your customers’ needs and interests.

“If you see that something is failing terribly, OK, scrap that, move the money somewhere else,” Myers said. “But most people don’t read something about you once and then buy … there is a frequency of impressions you need to make on one person before they move to action.”

Key takeaway: Be honest with yourself about how long it will be until you see results from your marketing strategy.

In many cases, the best way to market is to think less about marketing and more about relationships. Rather than focusing on how you can sell to your target audience, create a plan that builds their trust in your business and shows that you understand them.

This process takes time, which comes back to being realistic about how long you should give each part of your strategy to work. It also takes a community, including those strategic partnerships.

“Marketing is really about building relationships … not just taking, but something you can offer them too,” said Myers.

She says the most successful companies she has worked with focus on investing in that community around them, from their customers to their colleagues.

“No one ever becomes successful on their own … if you watch the Oscars, people always have a lot of other people to thank,” she added. “Givers gain.”

Key takeaway: Build a relationship with your clients to show them you’re listening to their concerns and interested in what they want.

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